JDYFL Explorers Tournament Scheduled

It's hard to believe the Explorers season is winding down. Once again the JDYFL League will hold an Explorers Tournament.  The first 2 rounds will be played on Sunday, Oct 28th at Blue Ridge School.  The Championship game will be played at Monticello High school on Saturday, Nov. 3rd.  Once the game times have been confirmed we will let everyone know.  

This year the Tournament will follow the Founders rules and the games will be officiated by certified VHSL officials.  The kids will be playing the entire 100 yard field. 

Sunday (9/23) Games – Location and Time Change AGAIN!

Games have been changed AGAIN!!  All games have been moved to Blue Ridge School.  Game times will go back to their original times.  See the schedule and address below:

Sunday, Sept. 23rd at Blue Ridge School

12:00 PM      Explorers – Albemarle vs Augusta

1:30 PM        Founders – Albemarle vs Augusta

3:00 PM        Governors – Albemarle vs Augusta

4:30 PM        Presidents – Albemarle vs Augusta

Blue Ridge School
273 Mayo Dr, St George, VA 22935

Spartan Games on Sunday (9/23) – Change of Times and Locations

Spartans – The League has changed the times and locations of our games on Sunday.  Please see the updated Spartan game schedule and address for both fields below:

Sunday, Sept. 23rd at Albemarle High School (Grass field is behind the school)
12:00 PM      Explorers – Albemarle vs Augusta

Sunday, Sept. 23rd at Monticello High School  
2:00 PM        Founders – Albemarle vs Augusta
3:30 PM        Governors – Albemarle vs Augusta
5:00 PM        Presidents – Albemarle vs Augusta

Albemarle High School
2775 Hydraulic Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22901

Monticello High School
1400 Independence Way, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Spartan Football and Cheer Picture Day

Spartans – David Foltz Photography will be doing our Spartan individual and team pictures this year.  See the picture schedule below.

Picture Schedule:
-Governors, Founders and Presidents will be Tuesday, Sept. 25th starting at 6 PM.   
-Explorers and Cheerleaders will be on Wednesday, Sept. 26th starting at 6 PM.    

**If you have a sibling on the Governor, Founder or President teams and would like their pictures taken together, please bring the sibling dressed in full gear on the 25th.

How to Start Your Order: (Please Read Carefully)

The link below is for you to sign in and view the options for the packages available as well as any extra personalized items you may choose.  You will sign up online, complete the steps for your child's picture and get a total for your purchase.  Each player will need a separate form.  If you have more than one player, they will each need a separate form filled out.  If you plan to have group/sibling pictures, they will also need a separate form filled out online.  You will then make that payment directly to David Foltz Photography on the DAY OF your pictures.  No online payments are accepted.  

Link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScY6gB8_ssGyD5SEzxl9yc9SGt1G_Vyd6f1x5rahMuTIerpFw/viewform?usp=send_form  

If you have any questions, please let us know.